David Ortiz with Smoke



About David Ortiz

You could say that David Ortiz is one of the best baseball players to ever play the game, and just leave it at that. After all, his three World Series rings, 541 home runs and recent induction into the Hall of Fame speak for themselves. But he is so much more than that. He’s an inspiration. To his country. To his city. To his family. And, especially, to all his fans who can now look forward to experiencing his unique line of cannabis creations.

Sweet Sluggers

“Sweet Sluggers” are pre-rolled 1 gram blunts featuring David’s choice strains like Black Mamba #7, Lava Cake #7, Motorbreath #15 and Bootylicious #4. They’re packed full of flavorful terpenes, high THC, and rolled in non-tobacco blunt wrappers produced with tea leaves and hemp. They will be available as a single 1 gram pre-roll blunt packaged in a dube tube made of 100% reclaimed ocean plastic or a convenient three-pack complete with a box of Papi Brand matches. Enjoy!

Key Lime Grand Slam Gummies Packaging and Product

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