Who is David Ortiz?

Ever since David Ortiz started his fourteen-year career with the Red Sox, he’s been Boston’s hometown hero on and off the field. With a reputation for doing good in his community, Ortiz has become a role model for people everywhere.

Now, David Ortiz is breaking new ground: he’s hoping to help erase the stigma of cannabis. Papi Cannabis is bringing David Ortiz’s new line of cannabis products to dispensaries across Massachusetts.

“Cannabis changed my life for the better”, says David. For Ortiz, cannabis started as a way to manage physical pain, and to balance the stress of his schedule. “For a while, I used to experience a lot of pain and stress,”. “That’s why I want people to understand the healing side of cannabis.”



The Papi Cannabis Story

Introducing Papi, an exclusive new line of premium cannabis products that are as authentic and reliable as “Big Papi” David Ortiz himself. Borne out of his passion for performance, the Papi brand reflects David’s belief in the flow of the flower and its ability to help you live your best life. “Cannabis has helped me relax, sleep better, manage stress and heal physically,” says Ortiz. “I look forward to sharing Papi Cannabis and my personal journey to help people understand all its benefits.

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